Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday in the Happiest Place on Earth!

Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes!!!

We had a fabulous time. Actually we spent more time at California Adventure!!
I drove my 3 kids with Heidi and her 2 boys and met MaryBeth and her daughter.
So a total of 3 moms and 6 kids!

I got to see the "Happy Birthday" on the screen at the turnstyle, but didn't get a picture of it. 
We got our Birthday pins (Heidi & I). I didn't like mine!! Heidi's was Black sharpie, mine was thin blue sharpie and hard to read. Plus I wore a pale green Tinkerbell shirt and the whole birthday pin was hard to see and I think it got missed a lot. Heidi's was on her brown shirt and was noticed easily by lots of cast members.
NOTE : Don't wear a pale blue or green shirt when you are going to get a birthday pin! 

First we went straight to CA Screamin' and got right on.
3 of our group got in line for Toy Story so they were just entering the building when we got there, so that wait was super short. 

The boardwalk to the Swings is CLOSED from that direction so we had to walk all the way back across the Boardwalk. But we stopped for Ice Cream because it was so warm out, such a warm beautiful day! 

We took the short cut through Bug's Land to Tower of Terror. I don't ride that ride and 3 others in our group didn't either. We waited in the gift shop.
I bought a car sticker and a key cover ... THEY Changed the AP Discount to any amount (it was $10) for purchases... whooo hoooo!

Next:  Soarin' over California and then Silly Symphony Swings

3:30 over to Disneyland

Got a FP for Space Mtn. for 4:35 and waited to ride the ride for about 20 min. When we got off the ride, we were able to go right back on with the FP. However, the ride shut down and there was a good 20 min delay with the lights on and adding 5 new cars.  The second ride was smoother than the first and I liked it better.

Rode Matterhorn, girls went on the left side, boys on the right.  That was terribly rough!!

Small world was closed.  

Next The Haunted Mansion Ride. WOW it is so empty looking when it is Not Nightmare before Christmas!!

Dinner at French Market. First time having dinner there, had the Roast Beef dinner with mashed potatoes and vegetables... EXCELLENT. Next time I could share it with my husband. My son had a fruit box, the other 2 kids shared the chicken nuggets & fries from Stage Door cafe.

The rest of the group went to Indiana Jones and I walked back to Critter Country to Pooh Corner. There I bought my highly desired, anticipated Hunny Pot Caramel Apple!!!
Also a Tigger Tail for my daughter and Character Gummies for my son.

Met everyone at Indiana Jones and then back over to CA Adventure.
We walked back to CA Screamin' but it JUST Closed. booo hooo
so we rode King Triton's Carousel.
Then it was time to go. We were exhausted and I had a blister on my toe. yikes!

We did have tickets for the 8:15 Color of Wonder show, but we were all just too tired and the kids were still getting over colds.
We had a 1 1/2 hour drive home which was fun with the kids playing guessing games while Heidi & I had a wonderful chat.

What a Great Birthday!!!