Thursday, March 26, 2009

Movie Premiere-Hannah Montana The Movie

Just got to see the Hannah Montana The Movie Special Advance Screening!

It was with a crowd of girl scouts.  We went with some friends that had extra tickets from her troop.
It was very good. 
I wasn't expecting much, just a long version of her show.
But I must say that the acting was better than on her show and she sang several songs that were new and very good.
Billy Ray had a song so did Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift!
It had a good story line too.  The theme is "The Climb is Hard, but the View from the Top is Great!"
It is about making choices in life, having goals, and the hard work and hard decisions you have to make along the way.

The brother "Jackson" provides comedic relief with animal antics, tripping, falling, etc.
There is also a British rag magazine reporter on her trail that gets into quite a few spills - slipping & sliding around and getting banged up.

I'm a sap and anyone on TV or movies that get tears in their eyes makes it happen in mine. 
So there are a couple emotional scenes with the grandmother that had me welled up with her.  aww geeee

The best part was the theater full of all the girls clapping, cheering, waving their hands, oohing & aahhing.
You could hear the girls all around saying "How Cute!" about the boy is that Miley has a crush on.

sshhhh don't tell anyone on boy patrol, but my boys were there too.  James (12 in a couple days) was quite embarrassed in the long line of girls waiting out side.  "Gee mom do we have to wait right here?"
He was hesitant to give his opinion of the movie.  He was so overwhelmed by all the girls screaming and cheering at the end of the movie.  He couldn't get over the waving of lit up phone screens in the room.   
The theater was packed so the boys sat in front of us 3 moms, right next to 2 girl scouts we didn't know.   Hey they shared their Sweet Tarts!
Our 5 girls were in the second row across the aisle from us.  At least they were seated together.

If it didn't end so late, 8:45, we would have stopped to buy the new soundtrack.
SO we are off to the store today...........

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vegan blogs & cook books

some awesome blogs and books about living Vegan!  I have to share......

Green & Crunchy - Raw food Mom of 5 blogs exceptional photos & meals for her family.  
I can't wait to hear how to make her energy bars.

Vegan Lunch Box - Jennifer shows cute & functional alternatives to the brown bag and plastic baggies!
Her blog full of recipes:  Shmooed Food (named for her son and the meals she makes him)

Her NEW blog = "This is Why You're Thin!"  the name says it all!  Write in about your vegan life.

She has a book too............ see below  Vegan Lunch Box.

2 Cookbooks just arrived from Amazon.  I've borrowed the Italian one twice from the library, so I decided I should just buy it!!


I'm far from being vegan, but I'm trying hard to work on it.  Mostly I eat vegetarian foods all week long.  But the occaisonal chicken sneaks in there and oh my we had steak once last week.

I Gave up milk on Feb 18th!       
I'm WAITING for the pounds to come off.  My face seems clearer for sure.

I don't eat eggs.  Not all alone (fried, boiled, etc.)  If they are in something though I still eat it.
Drat those girl scouts!

Gave up coffee on Feb 25th!   - started out for Lent, but I've made it this far and I will continue.

Yes I switched to soymilk (really like Silk's Very Very Vanilla!) and I've been drinking chai lattes, and herbal tea instead.
 *Watch out for 8th Continent brand of soy milk .... it is made with sugar and/or corn syrup.

Sugar is the next thing.  But that seems impossible to me at the moment.  (those cookies again)

I mentioned earlier in the month how much I liked the "Skinny Bitch" book.
From the library I've borrowed "Skinny Bitch - Bun in the Oven" and "Skinny Bitch in the Kitch".  Both of those books were good too.  Not as Hilarious as the first one though, also watchout for the cursing - but it is funny.

"Bun" Had a great chapter on the evils of artificial sweeteners and how they were approved with very little testing and some interesting legislation going on behind the scenes.

Now I'm hungry--- time to whip out the Vita Mix and make a Strawberry Pina Colada Smoothie!
with spinach & carrots mixed in  (you can't even tate them), and don't forget the flax seed!

Monday, March 23, 2009

I finally joined Twitter

I've been following the Twitter of others for a while and finally joined.

I'm seaglasshearts........  of course.

come follow me.... I'll follow you.....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

NEW Web browser by Google! "Google Chrome"

Finally another option away from dreaded I E.

I was so happy to switch away from that to Mozilla's Firefox months ago.
It is so much easier to use and look at.
My dh just hasn't caught on though.  He has a terrible time in Firefox in the msn hotmail window opening up any documents that he gets in email for work.  
I don't have any trouble at all with it.  Opening pdf files and word files.  I think it is an msn problem not firefox.  (could be dh, oh that's not nice)

While setting up my new laptop I was downloading the Picasa 3 - which I LOVE to use also.
It makes organizing pictures so great and easy.  It sends pictures right here to my blog
(I Hope they change it sometime soon so that you can upload more than 4 pictures at a time.... hint hint..)
And checked out all of the NEW Flags in the Google page.  There it was ... A New Web Browser called Google Chrome.
I've loaded on my laptops already and here I am using it.  The tabs are so easy to use.  You can move the tabs around and even drag one out and it stays open in it's own window.
There is a book mark line, a star to click in favorites and easy to open new tabs!

I'm so glad to get away from IE and all its hangups and constant updates.  I know that is what blew out my laptop a couple times and the kids' computer crashed after an I E update.
(Which I figured out yesterday is because that computer only has XP and has not updated to service pack 2 .... IE7 requires service pack2)

OH WOW now I remember, that's how I learned this......  Google's Chrome requires XP Service Pack 2 also!  So that computer can't get this browser yet either.  Hmmmm.
Time to go back to work updating the XP on that computer.

Happy Googling.  By the way did you see the Google made for Eric Carle?  It was so cute with the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Yeah I found it for you.

Friday, March 20, 2009

busy setting up new laptop

While on our trip skiing, my laptop got the dreaded blue screen of death several times.  It was happening before I left, so I was not shocked.  Both of the other husbands tried to help me out but it seemed to get worse.  (my dh can turn a computer on & off)

It was time to get a new laptop.  I've been looking at them since Nov.  But with the holidays and money tight, I’ve been putting it off.  They were having a March madness sale and I was in a shopping mood.

My warranty on the old laptop is up on 3/31.  I’ve been on the phone with my now good friends & buddies in India for several days.  Finally a very nice young man in New Delhi asked his supervisor to send me a new hard drive.  :)

So a new hard drive, empty, came on Wed and I had to load everything on there.  I got an external hard drive and did a a backup.  Little did I know until yesterday that it only backed up files, NOT programs.  Well at least my pictures and documents are safe.  I don’t think it saved my email addresses or old email though.  You’ll have to email me so I can put you in my address book.  I’m trying to be positive and see it as a Lenten Purge.  Out with all those unknown email addresses and start over this Easter with a clean neat contact book.

And while still working on that on Friday, with a nice Indian man on the phone for over an hour, my new Dell laptop arrived.

It is pretty! HPIM6460

Well time to go work on my bookmarks, favorites and read some blogs.  Thank goodness for Google Reader.  Everyone is still there and I don’t have to keep the info in my laptop.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


The neighbors caught a Rattlesnake in their back yard.

warning!  not for the queasy at blood & dead snakes……..

They put it in the bottom of a trash can while they cut it’s head off.

I came to see it when my husband called but after a quick glance into the trash can I backed away.  Then stood far away as they were killing it and left when they were done.  I don’t know, I felt bad killing an animal but it is so dangerous that we couldn’t let it live in the neighborhood.  


The kids had the camera and took plenty of pictures.  And a video of getting ready to slice it open (it is headless)


This video is short it shows the headless snake moving.

Later (not in the video) they sliced open the belly of the snake and took the skin off.   

The kids got to see it’s heart & last meal and other entrails.

We can call it homeschool science for the day!

After they skinned it they pinned the skin on cardboard.  Very interesting.  Amazing to see & touch the skin.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Novena to St. Joseph

Unfailing Petition to St. Joseph

  • Holy St. Joseph, Spouse of Mary, be mindful of me, pray for me, watch over me. Guardian of the paradise of the new Adam, provide for my temporal wants. Faithful guardian of the most precious of all treasures, I beseech thee to bring this matter to a happy end, if it be for the glory of God, and the good of my soul. Amen

O glorious St. Joseph, faithful follower of Jesus Christ, to thee do we raise our hearts and hands to implore thy powerful intercession in obtaining
from the benign Heart of Jesus all the helps and graces necessary for our spiritual and temporal welfare, particularly the grace of a happy death, and the special favor we now implore (state your petition).
O Guardian of the Word Incarnate, we have confidence that thy prayers on our behalf will be graciously heard before the throne of God. Amen.
(Then say the following seven times in honor of the seven sorrows and joys of St. Joseph.)
V. O Glorious St. Joseph! Through thy love for Jesus Christ and for the glory of His Name,
R. Hear our prayers and obtain our petitions.
V. Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
R. Assist us!

Monday, March 02, 2009

books books books

Just finished Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World
Student's Go Vegan Cookbook
VegNews Magazines

Raw The Uncook Book
Vegan Italiano

Having a Mary Spirit

Waiting pile:
Cluny In Seatch of God's Lost Empire
Strange Heaven - The Virgin Mary as Woman, Mother Disciple, and Advocate

With kids
The Bronze Bow 
Half Magic 

Just signed up with Daily Lit to get daily emails of The Enchanted Castle
it was mentioned in Half Magic and we have been bugging our friends to borrow a copy.