Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vegan blogs & cook books

some awesome blogs and books about living Vegan!  I have to share......

Green & Crunchy - Raw food Mom of 5 blogs exceptional photos & meals for her family.  
I can't wait to hear how to make her energy bars.

Vegan Lunch Box - Jennifer shows cute & functional alternatives to the brown bag and plastic baggies!
Her blog full of recipes:  Shmooed Food (named for her son and the meals she makes him)

Her NEW blog = "This is Why You're Thin!"  the name says it all!  Write in about your vegan life.

She has a book too............ see below  Vegan Lunch Box.

2 Cookbooks just arrived from Amazon.  I've borrowed the Italian one twice from the library, so I decided I should just buy it!!


I'm far from being vegan, but I'm trying hard to work on it.  Mostly I eat vegetarian foods all week long.  But the occaisonal chicken sneaks in there and oh my we had steak once last week.

I Gave up milk on Feb 18th!       
I'm WAITING for the pounds to come off.  My face seems clearer for sure.

I don't eat eggs.  Not all alone (fried, boiled, etc.)  If they are in something though I still eat it.
Drat those girl scouts!

Gave up coffee on Feb 25th!   - started out for Lent, but I've made it this far and I will continue.

Yes I switched to soymilk (really like Silk's Very Very Vanilla!) and I've been drinking chai lattes, and herbal tea instead.
 *Watch out for 8th Continent brand of soy milk .... it is made with sugar and/or corn syrup.

Sugar is the next thing.  But that seems impossible to me at the moment.  (those cookies again)

I mentioned earlier in the month how much I liked the "Skinny Bitch" book.
From the library I've borrowed "Skinny Bitch - Bun in the Oven" and "Skinny Bitch in the Kitch".  Both of those books were good too.  Not as Hilarious as the first one though, also watchout for the cursing - but it is funny.

"Bun" Had a great chapter on the evils of artificial sweeteners and how they were approved with very little testing and some interesting legislation going on behind the scenes.

Now I'm hungry--- time to whip out the Vita Mix and make a Strawberry Pina Colada Smoothie!
with spinach & carrots mixed in  (you can't even tate them), and don't forget the flax seed!

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Leonie said...

Well done! I am not vegan but try to have more vegetarian days than not and one or two vegan days a week...Have you read The Skinny Bitch books? All about vegan eating.