Sunday, February 09, 2014

Derek Marr - Scooter Check + Clips Video

Derek doing what he does best!   San Diego, CA

At the Clairemont YMCA Skate park.

Filmed and edited by Tanner Fox.

Derek is Sponsored by The Scooter Farm.  Clairemont Drive, San Diego, CA


Thursday, February 06, 2014

Derek is on the AM Rider Team with The Scooter Farm!

We are so proud of Derek’s hard work and determination for riding Scooters. His passion has paid off with being Sponsored by The Scooter Farm. 

Here is their first YouTube Edit. A Huge Thank You! to Nick & Doug for their dedication to the boys, the store, and their confidence in choosing Derek for the Am Rider Team! (he’s in the Blue helmet with long blond hair)

Visit their FB pag & follow them 

on Twitter @TheScooterFarm 


Don’t forget to visit the store on Clairemont Drive!! Tell them Derek sent you!

Follow Derek at and 

Laurie at 

On Twitter @SeaGlassHearts

Monday, November 18, 2013

Teaching Art Classes. First Class: Turkey Time!

I started teaching art classes at my house.  I started by inviting other Homeschool moms on our local Catholic Homeschool Yahoo list.  So far I have a few reservations.
Today was our first class.  We painted Turkeys!!  It was fun!

I began the class teaching about Shades & Tints.  At the end of class I reviewed what we learned.  We also talked about Primary & Secondary colors.  I asked the youngest child if he remembered how we would make pink.  He said, "I don't know, you taught us that over 2 hours ago!"
It was so cute & hilarious!!

For my calendar check my other blog:

I'm Hosting a MOM"S NIGHT OUT:  Art & Appetizers. It's on Dec. 4th at 7:00 pm.
If you want to come, send me an email!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Candy Crush Saga in my South Hill Designs Locket

Celebrating the start of summer with the Candy Crush Saga Addiction!

Who would love to show their Candy Crush with a South Hill Designs Locket and
charms that look like the colorful candy pieces??

Order your Locket & Charms today by emailing me at:

Happy Crushing!!

I'm the South Hill Designs Artist serving areas in San Diego, La Mesa, El Cajon, Tierrasanta, Santee, Lakeside, Poway, Escondido, Encinitas, Del Mar, Imperial Beach, Chula Vista

Monday, May 27, 2013

I WON! Summer Locket contest with South Hill Designs


South Hill challenged our Artists to create a Super Summer themed locket. We got tons of great entries and are so proud of everyone that participated. 

The photo we chose is one of the most simple photos we got, however it speaks volumes. We think you will all agree that it just screams SUMMER! It makes you want to head for the ocean or relax in the sand. 

Without further ado, we congratulate ***Laurie Marr*** and her photo titled Summer of Locket Love!

Congratulations Laurie!!

We hope you enjoy this photo as much as we do!

Visit our web site,
to purchase your own Locket or better yet, learn how to earn one for FREE by hosting a Social!

My Prize is the VERY FIRST Large Gold Locket with Crystals!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

FREE Classic book titles to read and/or listen

Whispersync is Amazon's new way of offering the Kindle book and the Audible audiobook to work together.  The benefit is that you never lose your place in a book.  Listen while you are moving around or while you are driving.  Then when you start to read the print version, it remembers your bookmark and puts you at the same place in the book.

Here is a link to 22 free kindle books where you can then download, for FREE, a professional audio recording of each book from

I bought 10 of the 22 books and audiobooks. The audible prices would have been $199.08 !

Some of the titles are:
A Tale of Two Cities
Moby Dick
White Fang
David Copperfield
The Three Musketeers
Black Beauty
Huckleberry Finn
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
The Wind in the Willows

FREE 22 titles to whispersync from Amazon & Audible

You have to click the LINK to get the Audible book in your shopping cart at AFTER you get the Free Kindle book at amazon.

I was able to load the shopping cart at audible by going back & forth to the books at Amazon and clicking on the "buy at Audible".  It kept the books in my Cart so that I checked out at Audible after 8 books.  Then I decided to get 2 more!  I should just get them all.... I LOVE FREEEEE!

It make take extra steps but some of the audio books are $20+ each.
And they are read by wonderful actors:  The Wizard of Oz is read by Anne Hathaway!
Huckleberry Finn is read by Elijah Wood!

This summer we got Audible's offer - Get Your First 3 Months at Audible for $7.49/month! After the 3 months it will be the regular price of $14.95 a month.You get one book for each month's Credit.

Audible Special... 3 months 7.49 a month, one credit each month.
Listen to a bestseller for $7.49 at!


1 FREE Audiobook RISK-FREE from Audible

We listen to audiobooks on long drives and as part of our homeschool.  I can't read outloud for a long time and this way we can all listen to a wonderful voice read the book.

Also we are doing Apologia's Anatomy & Physiology this year and the book recently came out as an audiobook.  The kids can listen and read along when they are ready to do Science during the week.  Jeannie Fulbright's voice is so nice & kind when she is reading the text.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Audible Special Offer & use it for Anatomy text

As an affiliate with I am able to offer you this Special Offer for 3 months at half price $7.49.
If you would like their special offer of 3 Months at $7.49 for each month click the link below.  You get one credit each month to spend at  After 3 months the price returns to the normal price of $14.95.
Download an Audiobook to Your iPod for only $7.49

I get tired of reading outloud to the kids sometimes, so audiobooks are a voice-saver!
We love to listen to audiobooks in the car.
I like audiobooks most when my kids can follow along in the book reading while using an audiobook.

We are doing Apologia's Anatomy & Physiology this year with my 5th & 7th graders.
They just released that Textbook on Audiobook!  This will really help us use this textbook.

Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology: Young Explorer Series
Exploring-Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology at Amazon

Friday, September 02, 2011


"Every moment of every day, CHOOSE.
Choose to do the right thing, the tough thing -not the familiar easy thing.
Choose the way of the warrior or the way of the coward.
Make your choice out of love instead of fear.
Choose from the heart.
Choose to live fully, not to sleepwalk thorough your life.
Choose to respond with the way you really feel, not the way you're supposed to feel.
Choose the mineral water over the soda;
Choose the lemon and olive oil over the blue cheese;
Choose the walk in the park over the ride to the mall.
Choose simplicity over extravagance.
Choose conversation over the television.
Choose to talk things out rather than stew in your anger overnight.
Choose compassion and generosity.
Choose to smile instead of frown.
Make your own choices in your own time and choose to stick with them."
-Rachel Snyder"

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Lady, Star of the Sea

Our Lady, Star of the Sea -

"In the twelfth-century, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux wrote: 'If the winds of temptation arise; If you are driven upon the rocks of tribulation look to the star, call on Mary; If you are tossed upon the waves of pride, of ambition, of envy, of rivalry, look to the star, call on Mary. Should anger, or avarice, or fleshly desire violently assail the frail vessel of your soul, look at the star, call upon Mary.'[1]"

Friday, July 29, 2011

Past, Present & Future

We passed the Chapel on our way into Yosemite.  I was surprised it was there.  I've seen photos where it looks like it is in the middle of a meadow, not off the side of the road with a small yard.  I wanted to make it back and photograph it before we left.  On our last morning there, Derek & I left to first go to the tree where I saw a tiny chocolate colored frog during my photography class.  I knew he would like that frog when I saw it and told him about it.  I promised I would take him to the tree to look for the frog.  We rode the bus and walked back to the meadow to the tree.  We didn't see the frog.  We walked back to the road.  I wasn't sure how to get to the Chapel but I had an idea.

I had to go to the Chapel for my dad.  He worked in Yosemite for a couple of years and I know he had to have gone to this Chapel very often.  Not only for Sunday Mass, but knowing my dad, he probably went there many other times.  I felt the connection that he had been there.  I imagined him sitting in the pews, staring at the altar, staring at the wood ceiling, looking out the windows....

We were waiting for the 2 ladies to leave the front of the Chapel to take a picture without them and the passing cars.  But I knew, this angle, with Derek in the shot, would be a great memory.  I'm so glad I was able to catch this moment in time.
To me it represents the Past: my father; the Present: our family here visiting Yosemite; and the Future: Derek loved being here, loved hiking with his dad and can't wait to come back again.  (Unlike the other 2 kids & I, we didn't enjoy being out camping or hiking as much).
I love how he is casual, looking down, but determined with the hiking stick and the silent, still, groundedness of the Chapel and nature around it.  I can't look at this picture without tears.  My dad would have loved so much to share Yosemite with his grandchildren.  The hiking, the nature, my dad loved all of it and all of it meant so much to him.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

8 year old Hiker

I was taking a photography class at Yosemite.  We got lucky and it was a small class of 3 moms with our instructor.  Another mom saw this "8" sign and said she liked to take pictures of numbers to put in the scrapbooks so that when she is very old she can have a photo of what age her child was when they visited a location.

While I was in the photo class Geoff & Derek, aged 8, were hiking down from the top of Yosemite Falls that is in the background of this "8" sign.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Little Mermaid ride Sneak Preview

The Little Mermaid ride is brand NEW at CA Adventure.

We are so excited and cheering during the ride because it is a Preview Ride!  The ride is not supposed to open until June 3rd and we are on it a week early!!  We were so happy!  I didn't think we were going to make it back up to the park until June 7th and that was if the kids didn't have anything else going on.

You enter your clam shell.
Scuttle is talking and introducing you to the story.  It gets dark as the clamshell turns backward and you go downhill backwards as the ocean waves crash on the walls and the clamshell that was behind you is now in front of you as a screen.

Part 2 of the ride
Ariel singing in her Treasure cave, "Whozits and Whatzits Galore"
Then the "Under the Sea" musical with all of the underwater animals.

Part 3 of the ride
Ursula singing!   Ariel transforming into a human.
The "Kiss the Girl" boat scene with Prince Eric.

END of the ride
King Triton, Fireworks, Wedding couple: Ariel & Prince Eric.
Scuttle saying "They lived Happily Ever After"

As you enter the line the gorgeous mosaics are on the ground.
This blue stone was so pretty, and it smelled so new!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday in the Happiest Place on Earth!

Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes!!!

We had a fabulous time. Actually we spent more time at California Adventure!!
I drove my 3 kids with Heidi and her 2 boys and met MaryBeth and her daughter.
So a total of 3 moms and 6 kids!

I got to see the "Happy Birthday" on the screen at the turnstyle, but didn't get a picture of it. 
We got our Birthday pins (Heidi & I). I didn't like mine!! Heidi's was Black sharpie, mine was thin blue sharpie and hard to read. Plus I wore a pale green Tinkerbell shirt and the whole birthday pin was hard to see and I think it got missed a lot. Heidi's was on her brown shirt and was noticed easily by lots of cast members.
NOTE : Don't wear a pale blue or green shirt when you are going to get a birthday pin! 

First we went straight to CA Screamin' and got right on.
3 of our group got in line for Toy Story so they were just entering the building when we got there, so that wait was super short. 

The boardwalk to the Swings is CLOSED from that direction so we had to walk all the way back across the Boardwalk. But we stopped for Ice Cream because it was so warm out, such a warm beautiful day! 

We took the short cut through Bug's Land to Tower of Terror. I don't ride that ride and 3 others in our group didn't either. We waited in the gift shop.
I bought a car sticker and a key cover ... THEY Changed the AP Discount to any amount (it was $10) for purchases... whooo hoooo!

Next:  Soarin' over California and then Silly Symphony Swings

3:30 over to Disneyland

Got a FP for Space Mtn. for 4:35 and waited to ride the ride for about 20 min. When we got off the ride, we were able to go right back on with the FP. However, the ride shut down and there was a good 20 min delay with the lights on and adding 5 new cars.  The second ride was smoother than the first and I liked it better.

Rode Matterhorn, girls went on the left side, boys on the right.  That was terribly rough!!

Small world was closed.  

Next The Haunted Mansion Ride. WOW it is so empty looking when it is Not Nightmare before Christmas!!

Dinner at French Market. First time having dinner there, had the Roast Beef dinner with mashed potatoes and vegetables... EXCELLENT. Next time I could share it with my husband. My son had a fruit box, the other 2 kids shared the chicken nuggets & fries from Stage Door cafe.

The rest of the group went to Indiana Jones and I walked back to Critter Country to Pooh Corner. There I bought my highly desired, anticipated Hunny Pot Caramel Apple!!!
Also a Tigger Tail for my daughter and Character Gummies for my son.

Met everyone at Indiana Jones and then back over to CA Adventure.
We walked back to CA Screamin' but it JUST Closed. booo hooo
so we rode King Triton's Carousel.
Then it was time to go. We were exhausted and I had a blister on my toe. yikes!

We did have tickets for the 8:15 Color of Wonder show, but we were all just too tired and the kids were still getting over colds.
We had a 1 1/2 hour drive home which was fun with the kids playing guessing games while Heidi & I had a wonderful chat.

What a Great Birthday!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fiesta Island with kids & dogs

View coco & cricket
Took the kids and dogs out to get some fresh air and a fun walk on the beach.  Derek was riding his bike.  
The dogs love being able to run free and go for a ride in the car.
It was 73 degrees and very windy.   We've had an odd summer here with cool weather.  Which is better than having the heat.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Dressed up

Going to our first Bat Mitzvah for James' friend Eliana.

Masquerade Ball

We took the curlers out in the car after we arrived.
The curls fell out within 15 minutes. boohoo.

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Adam's Happy Fault! Merits our Redeemer!

The phrase is sung in the Exsultet of the Easter Vigil: "O felix culpa quae talem et tantum meruit habere redemptorem," "O happy fault that merited such and so great a Redeemer." 
Theologian Thomas Aquinas cited this line when he explained the principle that "God allows evils to happen in order to bring a greater good therefrom."   
Uniting Original sin and the Divine Redeemer's Incarnation.  He concluded that a higher state is not inhibited by sin. 
Saint Ambrose also speaks of the fortunate ruin of Adam in the Garden of Eden in that his sin brought more good to humanity than if he had stayed perfectly innocent.

More lines from the Exsultet:

For Christ has ransomed us with his blood, and paid for us the price of Adam's sin to our eternal Father!

This is our passover feast, when Christ, the true Lamb, is slain, whose blood consecrates the homes of all believers.

This is the night when first you saved our fathers: you freed the people of Israel from their slavery and led them dry-shod through the sea.

This is the night when the pillar of fire destroyed the darkness of sin!

This is the night when Christians everywhere, washed clean of sin and freed from all defilement,
are restored to grace and grow together in holiness.

This is the night when Jesus Christ broke the chains of death and rose triumphant from the grave.

What good would life have been to us, had Christ not come as our Redeemer?
Father, how wonderful your care for us!   How boundless your merciful love!
To ransom a slave you gave away your Son.

O happy fault, O necessary sin of Adam, which gained for us so great a Redeemer!
Most blessed of all nights, chosen by God to see Christ rising from the dead!

Of this night scripture says: "The night will be as clear as day: it will become my light, my joy."

The power of this holy night dispels all evil, washes guilt away, restores lost innocence,
brings mourners joy; it casts out hatred, brings us peace, and humbles earthly pride.

Night truly blessed when heaven is wedded to earth and man is reconciled with God!


Saturday, April 03, 2010

A New Catholic!

Congratualtions to Katherine a New Catholic!!
I was her RCIA Sponsor.
Here we are at the Easter Vigil with Bishop Brom.
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Monday, March 29, 2010

James' Birthday

Derek, Chris & James 

Grandma & James

cake by mom for his classmates at the learning center

Cookie cake by Heidi, Blake & Jackson!  Thanks!
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