Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fiesta Island with kids & dogs

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Took the kids and dogs out to get some fresh air and a fun walk on the beach.  Derek was riding his bike.  
The dogs love being able to run free and go for a ride in the car.
It was 73 degrees and very windy.   We've had an odd summer here with cool weather.  Which is better than having the heat.

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Anne said...

Hi, found you via Faith and Family. Congratulations on your win! I love the name of your blog. I am a sea glass collector (really lake glass as my husband always reminds me) and so I just had to check your site out!

During the month of June, I was praying a novena to the Sacred Heart and came upon a red sea glass heart. I've been wanting to have it made into a necklace but someone told me that drilling a hole into it would break it-it looks like your sea glass heart was made into a necklace-any tips for me? You may like to read the post about my sea glass heart, and you may also like my Sea Glass Prayer on my sidebar.

Peace to you, Anne