Thursday, March 26, 2009

Movie Premiere-Hannah Montana The Movie

Just got to see the Hannah Montana The Movie Special Advance Screening!

It was with a crowd of girl scouts.  We went with some friends that had extra tickets from her troop.
It was very good. 
I wasn't expecting much, just a long version of her show.
But I must say that the acting was better than on her show and she sang several songs that were new and very good.
Billy Ray had a song so did Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift!
It had a good story line too.  The theme is "The Climb is Hard, but the View from the Top is Great!"
It is about making choices in life, having goals, and the hard work and hard decisions you have to make along the way.

The brother "Jackson" provides comedic relief with animal antics, tripping, falling, etc.
There is also a British rag magazine reporter on her trail that gets into quite a few spills - slipping & sliding around and getting banged up.

I'm a sap and anyone on TV or movies that get tears in their eyes makes it happen in mine. 
So there are a couple emotional scenes with the grandmother that had me welled up with her.  aww geeee

The best part was the theater full of all the girls clapping, cheering, waving their hands, oohing & aahhing.
You could hear the girls all around saying "How Cute!" about the boy is that Miley has a crush on.

sshhhh don't tell anyone on boy patrol, but my boys were there too.  James (12 in a couple days) was quite embarrassed in the long line of girls waiting out side.  "Gee mom do we have to wait right here?"
He was hesitant to give his opinion of the movie.  He was so overwhelmed by all the girls screaming and cheering at the end of the movie.  He couldn't get over the waving of lit up phone screens in the room.   
The theater was packed so the boys sat in front of us 3 moms, right next to 2 girl scouts we didn't know.   Hey they shared their Sweet Tarts!
Our 5 girls were in the second row across the aisle from us.  At least they were seated together.

If it didn't end so late, 8:45, we would have stopped to buy the new soundtrack.
SO we are off to the store today...........

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