Thursday, March 19, 2009


The neighbors caught a Rattlesnake in their back yard.

warning!  not for the queasy at blood & dead snakes……..

They put it in the bottom of a trash can while they cut it’s head off.

I came to see it when my husband called but after a quick glance into the trash can I backed away.  Then stood far away as they were killing it and left when they were done.  I don’t know, I felt bad killing an animal but it is so dangerous that we couldn’t let it live in the neighborhood.  


The kids had the camera and took plenty of pictures.  And a video of getting ready to slice it open (it is headless)


This video is short it shows the headless snake moving.

Later (not in the video) they sliced open the belly of the snake and took the skin off.   

The kids got to see it’s heart & last meal and other entrails.

We can call it homeschool science for the day!

After they skinned it they pinned the skin on cardboard.  Very interesting.  Amazing to see & touch the skin.

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Leonie said...

Wow, very interesting. And an impromptu Science lesson, too.