Friday, March 20, 2009

busy setting up new laptop

While on our trip skiing, my laptop got the dreaded blue screen of death several times.  It was happening before I left, so I was not shocked.  Both of the other husbands tried to help me out but it seemed to get worse.  (my dh can turn a computer on & off)

It was time to get a new laptop.  I've been looking at them since Nov.  But with the holidays and money tight, I’ve been putting it off.  They were having a March madness sale and I was in a shopping mood.

My warranty on the old laptop is up on 3/31.  I’ve been on the phone with my now good friends & buddies in India for several days.  Finally a very nice young man in New Delhi asked his supervisor to send me a new hard drive.  :)

So a new hard drive, empty, came on Wed and I had to load everything on there.  I got an external hard drive and did a a backup.  Little did I know until yesterday that it only backed up files, NOT programs.  Well at least my pictures and documents are safe.  I don’t think it saved my email addresses or old email though.  You’ll have to email me so I can put you in my address book.  I’m trying to be positive and see it as a Lenten Purge.  Out with all those unknown email addresses and start over this Easter with a clean neat contact book.

And while still working on that on Friday, with a nice Indian man on the phone for over an hour, my new Dell laptop arrived.

It is pretty! HPIM6460

Well time to go work on my bookmarks, favorites and read some blogs.  Thank goodness for Google Reader.  Everyone is still there and I don’t have to keep the info in my laptop.

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