Saturday, March 21, 2009

NEW Web browser by Google! "Google Chrome"

Finally another option away from dreaded I E.

I was so happy to switch away from that to Mozilla's Firefox months ago.
It is so much easier to use and look at.
My dh just hasn't caught on though.  He has a terrible time in Firefox in the msn hotmail window opening up any documents that he gets in email for work.  
I don't have any trouble at all with it.  Opening pdf files and word files.  I think it is an msn problem not firefox.  (could be dh, oh that's not nice)

While setting up my new laptop I was downloading the Picasa 3 - which I LOVE to use also.
It makes organizing pictures so great and easy.  It sends pictures right here to my blog
(I Hope they change it sometime soon so that you can upload more than 4 pictures at a time.... hint hint..)
And checked out all of the NEW Flags in the Google page.  There it was ... A New Web Browser called Google Chrome.
I've loaded on my laptops already and here I am using it.  The tabs are so easy to use.  You can move the tabs around and even drag one out and it stays open in it's own window.
There is a book mark line, a star to click in favorites and easy to open new tabs!

I'm so glad to get away from IE and all its hangups and constant updates.  I know that is what blew out my laptop a couple times and the kids' computer crashed after an I E update.
(Which I figured out yesterday is because that computer only has XP and has not updated to service pack 2 .... IE7 requires service pack2)

OH WOW now I remember, that's how I learned this......  Google's Chrome requires XP Service Pack 2 also!  So that computer can't get this browser yet either.  Hmmmm.
Time to go back to work updating the XP on that computer.

Happy Googling.  By the way did you see the Google made for Eric Carle?  It was so cute with the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Yeah I found it for you.

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catholicandgop said...

Friday was the 40th birthday of the hungry hungry caterpillar - or at least that's what the librarian at the school I was observing at told me. :)