Thursday, August 25, 2005

My dad is out of the nursing home today.

Aug 25th. 35 days ago this seemed like a long way away. It just sat on the calendar, and now it has arrived.
It didn't really hit me until last Thursday when I realized that next thursday would be the day my dad would be able to leave the Rehab center and be moved to the Assisted living center we have chosen.

I decided to bring him home, mainly because there is no way we could have moved him into his new studio apartment, buy and move furniture all on a Thursday or even friday with G & brother BS working.
Dad had a Dr appointment scheduled on Friday so it made sense to bring him home for a night and take him to Dr. Then just move him in on Saturday.

sorry interruption by K to remind me that we have to buy "a big jug of syrup" at Costco today. So I took out a post it to remind us and she said, don't forget to write that we have to pick up grandpa today. I smiled, we won't forget, that is the most important thing to do today.

Wellllll, yesterday the social worker from the VA called and said we didn't have to take dad to the Dr appt. it was made in case he had to stay at the rehab center.
that was a huge relieve, however, I had planned around it and dear SS was actually going to take the kids so I could go.

Called SS and relieved her of babysittng, wished she could do it today so I could pick up dad, but no luck. Neighbor DB not available either. So it looks like I'm taking the troops at noon to pick up dad. That should be a circus.

Thank you SS for telling me that I'm doing a good job taking care of my dad. Thanks for being proud of me for stepping up and dropping everything for him and doing every thing I can think of each day to make sure he is taken care of.

Time to rustle up the troops for our costco trip. I need to make sure they still have beds, mini fridge (for dad's apt) and don't forget the syrup!

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