Wednesday, August 31, 2005

San Diego Trolley Day!

I promised the kids all summer that we would ride the trolley one day.
So today was THE day!

We had to stop and see my dad at his home first and bring a box of items from his wife. He is not adjusting very well. His anxiety is bad and he looks terrible; extremely hunched over. I have to block out so many feelings to get on with my day and my life. The nurses are taking good care of him.

It is hard to take my kids there, but I hope it is teaching them about life.
I know the other residents REALLY enjoy seeing them. All of the ladies OOh & AHH at them.

So we finally got to ride the trolley.
J & I got "Day Tripper" passes. All day for $5 each. K & D were free (5 & under).

We parked in Santee and rode to Mission Valley. We stopped for "Panda Express" then continued on to Downtown San Diego. Our plan was to switch from the "green line" to the "orange line" and loop back to the car. But D was getting tired and cranky @ 3:15 . So we reversed our route and went back to Mission Valley to "Maggie Moo's" for icecream before continuing on to Santee.

It was fun and interesting to see San Diego from the trolley's view; a tourist's view?
The kids were asking to go again soon.

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