Saturday, September 10, 2005

She's Gonna Blow! - - Book I"m reading

LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. HIGHLY recommended for any mother!!
Please get this book if you have children. Especially if you have more than one.

ESPECIALLY if you can picture yourself as a volcano --
She names 4 types of volcanoes Volcanoes 101 - Understanding How She Blows
1) "The Strombolian..... A tiny volcanic island of Italy.... SPITS out volcanic material such as cinder and lava bombs ... eruptions are relatively short and happen at predictable intervals....
CUMULATIVE damage is REAL" (MY emphasis in caps)
2) "The Hawaiian .... Constantly boiling lava....boils up and overflows the sides ... moves slowly... but the destructive nature becomes clear." Chronic, simmering anger.
3) "The Volcanina .... regularly spews out cinders .... seethes with pent-up molten rock, then expel blobs of "viscous" magma in a big, gassy explosion." "... loud, scary, and dangerous!"
4) "The Plinian is the most violent of volcanic eruptions." "If you had ever erupted in a Plinian manner, you would know it because of the terrible havoc it would have wreaked upon yourself, your children, and your relationships."

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