Monday, October 03, 2005

just take a number and get in line....................

I just can't even say enough is enough.
Is this a test???
Can there be more problems in life? Problems .... Just take a number and get in line.....>>>

So I'm spending all morning trying to solve my missing wallet problem, with drivers license and credit cards. Thank goodness they didn't get any money out of my atm or my visa, and I don't think they tried to use my other card ..... we worried they would try to buy GAS! since they had the cards and my zip code.
NEXT the school calls and K has a hurting ear and I have to go pick her up.
Since D was barfing on Sunday I figured she has an ear infection. Plus she had been swimming and that ususally gives her some kind of ailment, usually it is her eyes, afterward.
But I pick her up and she is happy and skipping. I'm not acting the sensitive mother...... how can she be sick and skipping to the car???
I tell her--- you are sick, if you are leaving school, you must go home to bed.
As I find the eardrops and consider if I need to take her to the Dr. for ear infection.... I ask her to change her clothes and take the earrings out so she will be comfortable.
{background..... a few days ago she put in my blue topaz earrings. Her ears were pierced in March and we waited the 6 months for her to wear dangly earrings. She had those in a few days and then switched to the blue topaz ones,,,, I think it was last wednesday.}
I want her to lie down for 20 minutes with the drops in her ears and no earrings.
She says she can't take one of them out. She is moaning in pain.
I come and check and find that the tiny BACK of the earring is INSIDE of her earlobe!!!
It is a very tiny back and.....It has worked its way inside the hole and is inside the earlobe, you can't even see it!

I try to take it out.... she is screaming..... I get a nervous stomach hearing her scream with the pain... so I stop and call the Dr. They can actually get us in today... a Monday. I do try my mom and our friend who is a nurse, but they are not answering.

So we are off to the Dr. It is a fight to get her into the car. She is wailing and I have to drag her to the car. Then I BRIBE her with STARBUCKs. There's a store off the lobby of the clinic. She stops screaming and we actually make it in there without any more screaming.

The Dr. is squeamish trying to get it out and finally just does it quick while I hold her down.
I ask her how she made it through medical school if she is squeamish??????????????
I wanted to be a Dr...... but I was squeamish working as a Candy Striper in The Emergency room as a teenager.... so I gave up my dream..... Oh there are so many questions in life.

Then the back is out, it is covered in blood. The Dr. puts it in a specimen cup......K thinks it is cool..... she wants to take it to school and show everyone???? She's going to be a Dr. I bet!

We make it back to pick up J. He has lost his other front top tooth and tells the story of it coming out and blood everywhere on his desk at school. I'm more concerned about it on his white uniform shirt.... but there is none.
I ask K to choose between Starbucks & Foster Freeze. WE all go to Foster Freeze for anything they want on the way home. French Fries for all. J gets his first Root Beer float. He's been wondering about one for a couple weeks.
K an oreo blizzard; D an m&m blizzard; & Reese's pb cup blizzard for me.

DID I Mention that I whacked the side rear view mirror of the Yukon on the garage on the way out and shattered the mirror in it>>>>>>>>>>>

Will it ever end???? NO????? Take a number!!

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