Tuesday, December 12, 2006

and where did I hide the gifts?

We don't have visitors but with 2 kids birthdays and the holidays from Oct to Dec
we are very busy around here - - especially with a vacation thrown in the middle! :)
Last night I told Geoff I don't remember the gifts I've already bought and worst of all where I have hidden them around the house!
It will be interesting trying to find them all.

Our trip to Hawaii was wonderful as always. It was a lot cooler and more windy than we have experienced. On Oahu we stayed near Koko Crater which is on the southeast side of the island and the weather is quite different there than the southwest side of the island we have visited more often.
We stayed on Maui for 5 days and that was a lot of fun. The Marriott has a big water park for the kids and water slides. We had a very fun snorkeling/boat trip to the coast and saw many fish and beautiful corals.

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