Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cookie making time

I have sugar cookie dough .... gasp! Mix.... from Costco. So we could make up some cookies for Santa. Ialso got confec. sugar the other day. We also have a "build a gingerbread house" from Costco to do.

Kate's friend H was sleeping over so they were busy. Derek fell asleep on the way home with Geoff and woke up enough to come in a fall back asleep on the sofa.
Geoff took him upstairs. I stayed up watching TV and he came tip-toeing down after 11 p.m.
He was wide awake.
I was totally into the movie 50 First dates. So we watched it .............until 12:35!!
Then I took him to bed with me and it seemed another hour before we fell asleep, he kept tossing & turning.
So I know he's going to crash soon tonight. He's been going all day and riding his bike
he's tired and cranky already.

Aren't we all.

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