Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Google Reader

Love to read blogs?
Can't remember which ones you have read?
Sad when you click on one and they haven't posted for weeks?

The ANSWER= Google Reader!
Yes it takes a little bit of time to enter your favorite blogs.......but the payoff! Well worth the few minutes.
It tells you who has updated their blogs in a list on the left and shows the blogs in the window on the right. (except you don't get to see all the headers and extra cute items we place in the sidebars of our blogs)

But for a quick update..........very helpful!

My internet time is so much easier and quicker for blogs I already like..... NOW i get to spend time finding new blogs!!

AND you can send Shared items to your own blog so that other people know what you are reading and you can Star items that you might want to remember, or re-visit later.

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