Thursday, March 22, 2007

FHC Notebook preparation / research

I'm researching other Catholic Blogging moms websites for information on
First Holy Communion notebook ideas.

Here's a website for an example of the 1st communion notebook I want to make with the kids.

Here's one that's getting started, I really like the pages with the altar items and showing baptism.

Here is an Old Testament / 10 commandments one

I printed out the list of items/pages that Elizabeth gave everyone in 4RealLearning Forums
2nd post of all the pages they included.

wow Beautiful picture of Jesus giving First Holy Communion:


Rubber Stamps:

Tomorrow I'm setting up the room for "scrapbook, lapbook, notebooking" so all 4 of us can work on putting books together.
James' was 2 years ago and he could use the experience, education and re-fresher. He is the most crafty of the kids so he will love doing it.
He needs - - WE ALL need to go to confession for the Easter season.
I have to dig up photos of all 3 Baptisms and get ready for the first pages about their
namesakes, patron saints, and Baptisms.

Since I"m doing Katherine's FHC preparating at home, I will feel proud of being able to show the parish DRE and anyone else that we have taken time to prepare.

I love the idea of setting it out at the post-party too for comments from our family & friends.

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