Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Suffering - Daily Prayer of Offering

The Act of Offering your Suffering to God by Kimberly Morey
NIHIL OBSTAT & IMPRIMATUR by San Diego Bishop +Robert H. Brom

"Eternal Father, I offer You all of my sufferings, (STATE WHAT IS MAKING YOU SUFFER - i.e.: my fatigue, my weakness, the loss of a loved one, the dryness in my spiritual life, etc.), along with any and all other physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sufferings, together with all of my prayers, works, sacrifices, penances and fastings, I unite them with Christ Crucified and His Sufferings, in union with all the Masses said throughout the world today, and I offer these to You bathed in the Precious Blood of Jesus, united to His Holy Wounds, with great love, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary for:
Grant me the grace to suffer as Jesus suffered with love, submission to Your Holy Will, patience and humility. Thank you Lord for accepting my suffering and for all you have permitted during my life. I am truly grateful. Amen."

Kimberly came to MOMS group back in January 25th and spoke about suffering and her journey to create this prayer that has been approved by the San Diego Diocese.

It has been a while since Jan and I've wanted to write about it. I just wanted to make sure I spread the prayer and remind everyone to offer up any little suffering of the day, any large suffering of the day to Jesus.

Teach our children to do the same. Even little "boo boos", disappointments, little fights with siblings. Everything can be offered up.

Often lately I've seen the quote - "Why worry - When you can pray"

Ever since this talk in January I've been offering this prayer of suffering for many things throughout the day. Often I have to Offer up a situation with a person and when all I can do is PRAY. Pray for that person to feel the love of God in their life and fill their emptiness that I believe makes them hurtful towards others.

Praying takes us and our own problem solving OUT of the situation and let's GOD IN.

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