Sunday, April 15, 2007

It was DIVINE!

Divine Mercy Sunday was simply.......... Divine!

I so wish I could take pictures during Mass because this was the first Sunday that James and Geoff were altar servers!!

It was so heartwarming to see my men up on the altar during Mass.

However, it was a bit lonely for me in the pew. Derek has finally been able to go to the childcare. Not that I want him to or make him, but the option is there. 4 year olds are very distracting during Mass sometimes.
I would choose distracting child on my lap any day!

But he and Katherine both went into child care and I sat through Mass all alone watching the boys on the altar.

One of Geoff's favorite Gospels is the story of Thomas. So that was exciting too.

He didn't comment on it though. We were too busy talking about the incense.
Geoff's LEAST favorite thing about a solemn Mass is the incense - the smell & smoke.

Well the altar servers were all seated in a row and Geoff was one man away from the censer!
Puffing away and billowing incense right at the altar servers. I knew he was tortured up there.

Usually when it is used he steps outside for fresh air. We always sit behind the altar for Mass, and that smoke drifts right around us.
The Immaculata is cruciform, and there are sitting areas all around, with the altar in the middle of the cross. The left arm of pews is full of families and we sit there sometimes We all call it the "Cheerio Section". Even Fr. Matt does. However, one family fills the short pews in that section and it fills up fast. We usually come in the back door anyway and just sit in the back.

He was tough and made it through. James did very well too. They didn't have any altar duties since this was their first time. But they processed in and out and watched to learn how to do it in the future.

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