Thursday, April 05, 2007

Support Parkinson's Disease Reasearch "Step by Step"

Marcy, Jean & I are organizing the 5K Walk for all of the moms on Sallisaw Court - - AND our Friends & Family

Marcy, Jean & I have made personal commitments to raise funds to help ease the burden and find a cure for Parkinson's, and we would really appreciate your support.

My Father, Bill, had Parkinson's Disease and suffered for over 5 years. He died from complications of Parkinson's Disease in February 2006.

Marcy's wonderful friend has entered the beginning stages of Parkinson's Disease. Please help support Marcy and her friends.

Jean's Great Aunt died with Parkinson's complications also.

On Saturday, April 21st, I'll be walking at Liberty Station in Point Loma to raise funds to help fight Parkinson's Disease.

Will you help me and this great cause by making a donation?
Team page for Sallisaw Moms for Bill. Follow this link to visit Laurie Marr's page.

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