Sunday, May 06, 2007

First Eucharist Day for Katherine

Katherine preparing to receive her First Eucharist. Waiting in the vestibule for Mass to begin.

Our Parish: The Immaculata, University of San Diego campus.

Oh what a beautiful day. The weather was gorgeous, Katherine was gorgeous, Mass was beautiful and the party was great!

If you want to see Lots of pictures (68) follow this link to access shared pictures:


Alice Gunther said...

Katherine is stunningly beautiful!

And so is that fabulous Cathedral! What great pictures!

May God bless your little sweetheart!

Esther said...

What an angelic Katherine! You must have been bursting with happiness...and pride :-)

Laurie said...

Thank you Alice & Esther!

We were quite bursting with excitement, happiness and pride!

The Immaculata is the Home parish for our Bishop, however, it is not designated as the Cathedral. There are 2 other Cathedrals in town. We are the luck ones who get the Bishop on Easter Vigil!

OH, and I had him for confession on Good Friday...... YIKES.

Jen said...

How fun to dress a little girl for Firsh Holy Communion. She's stunning. Congratulations.