Wednesday, May 09, 2007

If your child doesn't look like you, is it still your child?

Article on Adopted children and how they don't always look like parents at
If Your Daughter Doesn't Look Like You, Are You Still Her Mother?
Thanks Esther for the topic & article.

I get asked most often why my oldest son (adopted) has dark brown hair while my other two (birthed) are blond while I have brown hair. I try to say "God made them that way" Instead of going into genetic possibilities ..... my dad had black hair & brown eyes........
and making split second decisions about whether to tell this nosy stranger about how my 3 miracle children came to make us a family. James is very happy to let people know he is adopted. I usually look to him to answer the question based on how he wants to each day.

I guess haven't really written yet about our children. As you have learned, James is adopted. After almost 3 years of infertility treatments, drugs, shots, surgery, testing...................
An adoption attorney down the hall from Geoff's office knew we were trying (I was Geoff's legal secretary for a while) and he asked us if we wanted to adopt a baby that was due in a month. The parents that were set up to adopt backed out. So we had 1 month - Feb 25th 1997 to March 29, 1997 to prepare for new baby James!

Then after a couple years we went to try and adopt through the County adoptions office and they said it was a long wait. SO we went back to the Dr. and were pregnant probably that month - Feb 1999 and Katherine was born Dec 1999. Then we were blessed with a baby in heaven Dec 24, 2001 and finally our miracle Derek was born Oct 2002.

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