Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Nifty 50 United States

4th grade lesson plans are for us to learn the 50 states, their capitals and location on the map. I decided it would be easier if we all work on the same thing. Katherine needs something fun & interesting to work on since she has pretty much finished 1st grade and has decided that she doesn't need to start 2nd grade yet, even though I bought the materials.
I found this song Nifty Fifty States, sung by a chorus. There are other lyrics but the important part is the alphabetical order of the states.
James is writing out the 50 states and their capitals. (I just happened to snap the pic when he was itching his eye) He is using the Melissa & Doug puzzle. The piece lifts out and the capital is underneath. I was busy searching the internet and printing out the list of states & capitals. I was very happy he was handwriting it out without me asking him too.

I finally joined Enchanted Learning. Paid my $20 and printed out lots of copies of the USA and the Western States to start with.
Printed out California Map/Quiz, with the state and 10 questions about landmarks.

Printed out a booklet for Derek & Katherine on "Where I live" Early Reader Booklet.
I was overwhelmingly shocked when I checked on Derek's paper and he had copied the words on the line below. He writes his name, but we don't work on his letter writing. It wasn't perfect, but for a 4 yr old without practice it was pretty impressive. And He chose to do it without thinking if he could or should. I thought he was coloring. His coloring is pretty good too.

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Arty4ever said...

Check out www.rightbrainedlearner.com for a nifty set of flash cards that uses funny cartoons to help you memorize the United States and their capitals.