Friday, May 04, 2007

What book(s) I am reading?

I was tagged by Esther at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii to list the books I'm reading.
I did lots of reading last month, so I was in a bit of a lull. Plus getting ready for the party this weekend is taking lots of time for shopping for food and cleaning the house.

I just picked up these two books at Costco on Monday:
I love the picture on this one and it references one of my favorite books The Red Tent on the cover. So I'm hoping it is good too. So far I'm in the first few pages of being introduced to Joann, wife to Herod's chief steward. She went to Jesus for healing and met Mary, and later found out they were cousins (I haven't read the family tree info yet, just that they are cousins)
This one is just for fun. I've been wanting to read it for a long time and now it is going to be a movie, so I thought I would read it before the movie comes out.
I was a nanny in college so I was seeing if anything I can relate to happens to her.
So far it is so-so. She is not that interesting and the child is a brat, who does warm up to her but the mother and father are disinterested parents, living selfishly, in their own worlds - - what did they even have a child for???
I got this out during lent, but was reading lots of other things. It was in my hand to put it away on Monday and I flipped to the pages for last week. I was struck and had to sit down to read the chapters on the Real Presence, and the gifts we receive in the Holy Eucharist. Since Katherine & I are studying this, I read some out loud to her. How the Holy Eucharist helps us to fight off Mortal and Venial sins. How the Eucharist is food for our souls, and helps us to grow in holiness ( like food helps our bodies to grow). Very timely. So onto the bedstand it stays.
Good news, bad news. The good news is that our family room is DONE!
and my new bookshelves are ready to be filled! Good news is that I can empty those boxes of books that are in the closet! sad news is that 2 of those boxes are books that belonged to my father who passed away a year ago Feb. Good news, we shared a similar taste in Catholic Books.
This was one of his books. I picked up Blessed Faustina's Diary during Lent, but just couldn't tackle that thick book. This book is easier for me. It is broken down by daily doses and each month has a theme. So her rabbit trails are condensed into topics and given together.
This has been on my nightstand for a long time. I can only read it when I'm in the mood. I tried harder and read a lot of it during lent. But it has been a few weeks since I've picked it up. I just can't imagine being able to remember the words of Jesus paragraphs at a time and being able to write them down later. Maybe that's why I'm not a writer (can't you tell?) But she and HE have interesting conversations and you can find nuggets of gold in there. Sometimes finding just what you need to hear from Jesus.

I'm quizzing Katherine to get her ready for her First Communion this Sunday! So much to know for a 7 year old. I'm so excited for her to be receiving Jesus and to grow in holiness and faith!

Well, if you read this YOU are tagged! Let us know what you are reading......
I'll have to think of some friends to tag.


Christine M said...

I read Two Women of Galilee and really enjoyed it - I hope you will too. And Nanny Diaries was very funny - but disturbing at the same time - are there really parents like these? - enjoy the books

Esther said...

Good choices Laurie! I will have to check some of these books out.