Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hands of a Child - Lapbook Project & Research packs

Are any of you doing lapbooking/notebooking??
We are working on lapbooks for
1) James' California state study
2) Katherine's My Human Body
3) Multiplication Pizza party

I am very happy with the products from Hands of a Child (especially the FREE ones)
you download the e-books with adobe and they are yours to use as many times as you need.

If we have a common interest, I would really like to get some kids together to do a co-op Lapbook.
Lapbooking is very good for Science and History.

Some other lapbooks & have purchased and we will be doing:
the Moon
Ancient Egypt
All about Me
Mythological Creatures

Check out their products if you are interested. They have a lot of "sample" pages you can look at.

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