Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Anniversary Hon!

I need to find a nice wedding picture to scan and post.

Here's a Family shot from Las Vegas.

June 12, 1993
The Immaculata church, San Diego.
Msgr. Dan Dillabough.

Here we are 14 years later!!

All weekend in Las Vegas I was waiting to hear if he remembered it would be our anniversary today, but I didn't.
I waited all Monday............. and this morning...................
Then as we kissed goodbye, and he was taking my mom to the airport..............
I said, "Happy Anniversary!"
He said, "Oh it is June 12. I guess I have to go buy you something."
"Oh wait, you got a new Dooney & Bourke purse...... Happy Anniversary"

I told Katherine later while we were at the park that it was our anniversary.
She said, "OK let's go out to dinner!"
No, we need to go get groceries. How about Hawaiian Chicken Shish Cabobs?

And we'll make a cake!

James made most of the cake himself. His first time. I just coached, and helped with the mixer and scraping the bowl. He made garlic bread too.

He was excited about cooking (good why don't you help out more often?)

Then James & Katherine set the table with our BEST china, silverware and crystal water goblets. (wedding gifts!)

Geoff did surprise me with a new shirt and shorts with a cute Anniversary Card!

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Christine M said...

Happy Anniversary. Hope you had a great day!