Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tidal Homeschooling

I haven't written yet about how HAPPY I was to meet my blogging "Idol" Melissa Wiley.
She writes 2 blogs I read regularly: The Lilting House and Here in the Bonny Glen.

She wrote about how her family moved to San Diego, and I couldn't wait to meet her.
Somehow I knew that sometime I would. I just hoped it would be sooner than later and luckily it was sooner. She posted looking for students for a piano class and I had 2 kids ready to take piano lessons.
I emailed her about my kids.
In my next email I told her that I was a lurker and didn't want to appear a blog stalker, but I was so thrilled to meet her.

She has so much to teach me.
I have come to a similar philosophy (yet STILL learning) in homeschooling that she discusses and LIVES and Posts about on her blogs.

And now she has created a new Yahoo group: tidalhomeschooling.
I'm so excited to read about her ideas and the ideas of everyone who join the group.

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