Sunday, July 29, 2007

Favorite New products

I never drank coffee until Frappacinos were invented when I was over 32. It was about the time I was pregnant so decaf was fine. But there was something addicting about that stuff. Nowadays I think about a cafe au lait when I wake up in the morning. I never liked coffee, but always loved the smell of the beans and brewing coffee. I like milk with a little coffee. So I was very happy (and my wallet) when I could bring the *$ (starbucks) home for less.
It is still about $7 for a 4 pack, but I can drink 1/2 a can a day. That's better than the Dulce de Leche drink at the store for $4.

Now for something healthy.........................
I've been enjoying Bear Naked for a while now. I love to mix some granola with vanilla yogurt for breakfast.
For a while... the Banana Nut has been my favorite!
The Fruit & Nut, and the Protein flavors are good too. But now my very Favorite is the Triple Berry Crunch. Added plus is the low sugar! The dehydrated berries are big and crunchy and delicious.

We've been seeing the commercials for the cereal straws for a while. I found them 2 for $5 so I bought them as a surprise for the kids.

The Cocoa ones are the best, but they are VERY cookie like. So they do not seem like a breakfast item at all.

The kids are having fun with them. They really do like using them as straws, but it has to go quick because they Don't like the cereal once they get soggy. I like them dry out of the package, but again, I think of them more as a cookie.

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