Friday, July 27, 2007

Lapbook cutting or What did you do all afternoon & night?


What did you do all afternoon & evening?
I was printing out lapbook mini book pages and started cutting.

I flipped the channels and found the movie
"Mystic Pizza" I peeked around the bookcase and listened to the movie while I worked.

Then "Pretty Woman" was on. I always like that movie.
I moved all the pages and scissors and recycling paper can over to the sofa and sat and cut all through the movie.

First it was the Horses lapbook from Hands of a Child (HOAC) for Katie.

Next, the Shedd Aquarium Lapbook HOAC for Derek.

I was on a roll, so I moved onto the Apologia Zoology 2 lapbook pages.

This lapbook is from Live and Learn Press (LLP)

Chapter 1:
Chapters 2 & 3:

I continued cutting into the night and finished cutting out chapters 1 to 6. As I cut them I put them into this divided folder (made for coupons or checks I got at Target for $1) by chapter.

One child done..... one more to go.

I organized a Zoology 2, (oceanography) science co-op with 3 other moms. There will be 7 kids in the group aged 7 - 12 - (and 3 littles including Derek)
Derek & T.S. will be doing the Shedd Aquarium Lapbook.
I mapped out 32 weeks meeting on Thursdays. We'll be doing a couple chapters and then going on fun field trips.
San Diego is awesome for places to go - La Jolla Seal Beach, tidepools, Sea World, the Aquarium at Scripps Oceanography and their tidepools, the Chula Vista Nature Center and the SD zoo.
I'll be posting about everything as it happens.......

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