Friday, August 17, 2007

Gonna Party like it's Aug 17, 2007..... HSM2

8/17 Our High School Musical 2 Party.
If you have a daughter
if you watch the Disney Channel,
then my guess is that you were inside watching the movie on Friday night.

We planned weeks in advance. We were at various stores stocking up for our party.
Friends were coming, the house was cleaned and decorated.
We made our own school banners.

At walmart I actually found plates and napkins that afternoon. We bought cute bags filled with HSM2 gifts for the girls, nail polish, lip gloss, mirrors, notepads & a picture frame.

James did this decorating up on a chair. Katie handed him the pieces of streamer & tape.
I did the twisting streamers.

Walmart was doing a givaway, I read on the website, way too late. But when we were shopping there the checkout girl had this HSM2 blue tag and card around her neck. I asked for more and she said we missed it. I said I knew that but we liked them for our party. She was so kind and gave us hers! They did have more of the blue lanyards so we took 6. I scanned the origianl card and printed out HSM2 "passes" for everyone and hung them on the lanyards.

Our game for the evening was "Can you find Troy's Lips". I printed out a picture of Troy and the girls put on lots of red lipstick. Then they closed their eyes and tried to get him on the lips.
It was cute and fun.
red jello jiggler starsOur menu was pizza, breadsticks, veggie tray, and cheese & ham on crackers
Dessert was popcorn & jello stars, m&m's, brownies and m&m cookies.

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