Thursday, August 30, 2007

Legoland 8/30

8/30/07 --- Legoland with grandma.

We were there a bit late. We got off to a late start due to my headache and then we had to check in with the plumbers for the pool to make sure they are doing the spa jets correctly.

After driving up to pick up my mom and stopping for fast food lunch I think we were in the park around 2:00. It was very hot... around 82, but not as crowded as last week.

We did some same & some different rides and actvities than last week.

We were able to get right onto the Safari Ride and I was happily surprised that my mom got on the DinoCoaster! We were the only 5 people on the coaster!

Next the kids went on the cars they drive themselves. I missed the big kids. They have to go in line alone while I waited in line with Derek for the 3-6 year old car driving. They finished before Derek did.

We always go through the Adventure hunt. You hunt for "keys" in the rainforest, egypt, arctic. It is dark in there but a lot to look at.

I didn't want to go on the new Pirate boat ride. It was more fun to take pictures and video. Here's my first video post.

Next it was hilarious how wet grandma got on the Pirate Ship Water squirting ride.Her hair was completely wet. She looked like she just got out of the shower! My pants were fairly wet and the top of my shirt, but not my hair.

We ended the legoland day with swirled ice cream cones. And the 4-D movie "Spelbreaker".

Then drove across the freeway to have dinner at Sammy's Woodfired pizza.

I had their chopped oriental salad, Derek had macaroni & cheese, Katie had angel hair plain pasta & mom & James shared a cheese pizza. We finished it off with my coupon for a free messy sundae.... Oh I forgot to take a picture. They have a tall sundae glass filled with vanilla icecream. They top it with so much caramel & hotfudge that it runs down the sides of the glass and onto a plate. Goooey, yummy, messy! so much for the diet.

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