Saturday, September 08, 2007

.99 trays for art / watercolors

Lissa @ "The Lilting House" wrote an excellent post about how her children do watercolors.
She writes about using tubes of watercolors very sparingly,
using the expensive watercolor paper very carefully,
a delightful anecdote about caring for brushes by treating them like
the beards of an elf.
She mentions how she and other bloggers use whiteboards as

We were in IKEA and found these trays in the kitchen section marked
down for clearance for .99. The picture doesn't show that they are about 12 X 18.
So I grabbed 3. Now I wish I would have grabbed one for me.
They'll be great for keeping liquids on the tray, brushes and pencils from rolling off.
And we have lots of Sculpey art going on around here.... so this will be easier to clean.

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