Monday, September 03, 2007

Disneyland tomorrow?? - planning today

Oh it is soooo sooo hot and humid here. But we want to go to Disneyland tomorrow.
I'm a little worried. Today is 98 with heat index of 103!
I just doesn't get that hot here normally. And we never get more than 2-3 days of humidity.
Usually we have dry heat. So it may get over 95, but it is dry desert air called a Santa Ana.
I'm sure all people East of Arizona are rolling their eyes at me. But we just don't know what to do with ourselves when there is moisture in the air in So Cal. --- You should hear people complain about driving in the rain! Seriously. It just doesn't rain much here either, so when it does and the streets are wet..... watch out! there are so many accidents........... well i digress.....

I've found some great stuff about Homeschooling and Disneyland.
There's a group of Orange County Homeschoolers that go to DL for "Not back to School" on Sept 19, 2007 and they are about to set the day for probably Feb 1st, 2008 for the (un)official Homeschool day at DL - wear your tye dye shirts. :)
From there they direct you to a Yahoo Group, which I joined yesterday: DisneySchooling. Today I asked if anyone has been in the past few days and what the weather is like.

I'm checking out Mouse Savers for $$ saving ideas; Find the Hidden Mickeys.... we like to do this on the rides, so this revelation will help! And a homeschool mom has made some 'schooly' worksheets based upon Disney characters.

I found another message from Pia where she give air conditioning advice, and some great things you might not find:

California Adventure:----*1* Animation Studios - to me, this attraction is the most underrated in the park. I didn't discover it for several years myself, but now we are there regularly. Turtle Talk with Crush is a fun little show where the kids get to actually have a conversation with Crush
(from Finding Nemo). I'm still trying to figure out how they do it. In the Sorcerer's Workshop you can play with animation - make your own "cartoon" - you can be entertained in the dungeon of the "Beast" and find out your personality's character match and have Ursula (LilMermaid villain) "steal" your voice and sing a song with it. Move over into the Animation Academy and you'll learn how to draw one of several Disney classic characters. It creates an instant souvenir to take
home!And add to all of this the main hall with its constant rotation of music from their animated movies along with clips and rough drawings - oh, you are totally inside of an AIR CONDITIONED building the entire time! I find many kids LOVE being in the hall, running in circles, doing tumbles and just having a generally good kid style time.

*2* The Aladdin Show is worth the drive and wait alone. It's air conditioned,well performed, magical, and funny. And it's AIR CONDITIONED. yes, worth repeating!

*3* Some kids like the Monsters Inc ride. Some don't. Beware - the CDA is outlooking for kids and for some, it can be scary...

*4* Muppet Vision 3D - can be a favorite of kids who are into Sesame Street and the Muppets.A/C

*5* Playhouse Disney -Live on Stage. Disney characters, moral lessons, A/C.

*6* Soarin' over California, fun for kid & adult. Get in line early or at least get a fast pass. A/C

*7* Brother Bear's Redwood Creek Challenge. - lots of run opportunity allowing wee ones to "get their yaya's out". If you find a spot that your kid really likes - a good sitting opportunity.

Disneyland: *1* 50th Anniversary Movie - A/C, history of DL and - well, me! I'm in the movie at the very end. whoo hoo

*2* Fantasmic. yeah, sitting for 3 hours can be rough, but bring along something to do - a small game (that is JUST for that time) or sketch pad to draw or play games on, dinner, a blanket, a kid magazine or two. You can make the time fly.If his aunt joins you, you can switch off taking him on other rides during the wait while one of you holds the spot.

*3* Ride the 'old fashioned' rides - the omnibus, horseless carriage & horsedrawn street cars. Where else can you do that??

*4* Ever been in the Main Street Cinemas? Constant Mickey Mouse cartoons run on6 different screens. Bet you could take him in there and he wouldn't want to leave! LOL

*5* Innoventions - Plenty there to do! Computers, games, experiments, learning opportunities and virtual travel (I've been to Greece! - um, sort of).

*6* Top all of this off with the new Pirate's Lair on what used to be Tom Sawyers Island. run, run, run - play play play. you can sit in a spot and give him a contained area to explore within
your sight. - ok, he won't always stay there, but it's worth a shot! Why am I naming THESE
spots in particular? Well, aside from many of them being AIR CONDITIONED (heehee), they are good places where you could just sit for awhile and either let him run (within a confined area of your choosing) or where a show can entertain him. They are a nice relief from the lines and heat and crowds. Bring your knitting or whatever you might like and you'll actually have a shot at
getting some of it done!hopefully you'll get use from the passes you have and learn to have a new appreciation for the DL that maybe you haven't discovered, yet. good luck pia

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