Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Happiest Place on Earth..... Not Back to School

9/4 Wish you Were Here!

Not back to school for us............... the neighbor kids were off to public school today, screaming moms & all.
While we packed our cooler with frozen water, gatorade and snacks, pillows and extra clothes and hit the road without any screaming for Disneyland.

We took off a little late.... 9 a.m and it was 88 degrees here. We made it to Anaheim about 11 a.m. and stopped at McDonalds on Gene Autry Way, next to the stadium. The car read 111 degrees in the parking lot, but changed to 94 degrees when we were paying for our parking.
I mentioned to DH about the annual pass prices over the past few days, and brought it up casually during the drive. Once we were at the window it is clearly the best price. One day for a park hopper is $83. I was ecstatic that he agreed that the annual pass... the So Cal select for $124 was the best price and shelled out the dough. The pass lets us go 170 days of the year, basically during the week and no holiday weeks. Even if we only make it up there 1 or 2 more times it will be worth it. Believe me... I'm already counting the days until we can go again.

Definitely for Derek's birthday the last week of October. And in November, and December and, and..
It was very hot, but after a lovely walk down main street ( I was on the cell phone so excited talking to my mom about how excited I was, I don't know how many times I said excited...)
We ducked into a store & bathrooms with A/C.
Then down to Tomorrowland and the first ride: The Rockets!

While everyone was in line for the Rocket I ran ahead to get a speed pass for the new Nemo Submarine ride.... however, NO fast passes! And the line is 1 1/2 hours. TOO HOT!

We brought in 4 frozen water bottles and 2 frozen gatorade bottles. I just made everyone drink as much as possible. I also found our skiing Camelback and filled it with cold water. Katie was a great sport and wore it on her back 1/2 the day letting everyone take sips. We sent that back to the car when Geoff went for new water bottles.

Then next door to Star Tours.... a few minutes outside and then about 15 minutes in A/C!
Derek was tall enough. He's about 46 inches and the cut off is 40.

We thought about Space Mtn. next, it was being refurbished when we were last there. But we don't think Derek's ready for that yet.
On to Autotopia. It was pretty hot waiting in line but it wasn't too long.

After Autotopia we got ice cream, sorry no pictures, they melted fast so we had to eat fast. We passed the Nemo line, but still no way. SO onto the Matterhorn. Derek was reluctant, but there was a smaller girl behind us and this was her 3rd time.
It is VERY DARK The first few minutes of that ride, and Derek was Not happy! But he was OK at the end.

Next we found the Churro Cart. James loves churros and Geoff teases him that he can sniff out a churro miles away.

I took pictures of how empty it was in front of It's a Small World, and the kids with their churros:

Next, onto IASW ... yeah, more A/C. We kept telling Derek that he had been to DL at least 3 times but he doesn't remember. Then when we got to the Polynesia/Hawaii section of the ride all of a sudden he yells out "I remember this ride, I remember!" I don't' know what triggered it or if he really did but it was so cute.
Next we backtracked to the Teacups and Alice in Wonderland, and onto the Carousel!

While we waited in line it was so hot I tucked my ice filled water bottle in the back of my pants. It was nice to have coldness next to my spine.

Geoff was telling the boys about Indiana Jones so we headed to Adventureland. First the Jungle ride (about 15 min) and then to Indiana Jones. (lots of walking to get into the ride and about 5 minute wait) Everyone was looking forward to this ride and it was great. Derek just made the height requirement. Katie said she had her eyes closed through most of the ride?
Time was going fast. It was 4 p.m. We headed over to California Adventure. Geoff ran out to the car to get new drinks.

The kids & I went on Soarin' over CA (very short wait) and then we headed over tot he Hollywood Lot. I've heard to check out the Animation Studio and the 'Crush' from Nemo movie, but we missed the show.
So we went in and got right onto the Monster's Inc. ride. This is new, I didn't even know about it. It is a great ride with a lot to look at and very colorful.
We went into the Muppet 3D, but it is a movie and while we waited for it to start, Geoff arrived with some snacks.
We took daddy on Monster's Inc and Soarin' over CA before the park closed at 6 p.m. and we took these great pics of Derek with Tow Mater and Lighting McQueen (HIS FAVORITE guys right now). Then we went back over to DL. We tried the Nemo line again but it was still supposedly and Hour, but it didn't even look like it was moving. So we had dinner and went on the Buzz Lightyear ride. We've never been on that before. It was a favorite. You get to shoot laser guns at targets and earn points. I have to brag I got 31,400. Everyone else had 4,700, 2,700. I hit some great targets.
We came out to catch the parade going by. It was great.

Geoff & James went on the Rocket Ride one more time while I took Derek & Katie in the store on Main St. to choose a souvenir.

James got a Star Cruiser replica of the one we were "In" in the Star Wars ride.
Derek picked a "new blue" Tow Mater and a rat from Ratatouille movie.
Katie picked a doll dressed in Mickey Mouse pj's.
The park closed at 8 p.m. We were walking out of the park at 8:10 p.m. We were on the road at 8:40 and in our garage at 10:04. What a GREAT DAY!
I can't wait to do it again. Derek wanted to go again today. I wish!
Even today at 4:21 he asked if we could still go today. Sorry, they would be closing just after we arrived. Hopefully soon.


Michelle said...

You visited our backyard!
We are on the Disneyschooling list too. I hope we see you at the "Not Back to School" day on the 19th! ;)

Esther said...

What a wonderful day to spend with the family!

gemoftheocean said...

Hi - ran in to your blog at Esther's. To judge from your drive time back from Disneyland you must live a few stones throws from me.

(Allied Gardens, though my parish is Immaculate Conception.)

Jenny in Ca said...

wow, what a great day- all your photos are great! Your post makes me not want to wait till winter to get our passes. (I'll start bugging hubby about it). Years ago before kids, hubby and I had passes. We always got a churro and a diet coke and sat and people watched.

We have never taken our two youngest, and we live 15 minutes away!! they have been once with the grandparents.

thanks for sharing your day, it sounded great!

Momto5Minnies said...


I was married in DisneyWorld (then remarried in the Catholic Church). We are Disney Vacation Club folks so we frequent DW at least every 1.5 years.

Back when I just had 2 children we lived in SIMI, CA and would visit Disneyland. My girls would have gone to heaven knowing that they got to do that instead of school.