Friday, September 21, 2007

A New blog found today

Today I would like to guide you to Jimmie's blog "One Child Policy Homeschool"
(she does only have one child and is living in China - so she wanted a humorous title)

I found her by a Yahoo Notebooking group link to her Ocean Lapbook blog page showing pictures of her daughter's lapbook. She has a long list of websites for lots of information.

We are busy doing an Oceanography Science co-op using Apologia's Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day and the Lapbook to accompany it from Live and Learn Press called Zoology II.
I'm always looking for more Ocean ideas.

She is teaching us in her blog about Charlotte Mason (CM) Artist study and has a Squidoo web page titled "How did CM suggest art be taught?" full of awesome information. Also you can click on a picture link to a CM Artist Study Yahoo Group she started (which I joined).

She also has her Pirate Diary unit study she created. That would make a fun lapbook to do with the boys sometime.

She is a busy fun homeschool mom! Looking foward to visiting her often and learning a lot!


jimmie said...

Thanks! :-) Glad you enjoy my blog and online resources. HS is so fun!!

Tom said...

Thank you for the nice post. I enjoy reading your posts.

April said...

I received the comment you left for me on my blog and left a response there.
I'm happy you took the time to leave me a comment. I was just looking though your blog and it's great. It must be so nice to live so close to so many things for the kids to do!
We'll have to keep in touch,