Thursday, September 20, 2007

On the Nemo yellow Submarine

The Brand new Nemo Submarine Ride.
The wait was supposed to be about and hour. We didn't go on it the other visit because it was way to hot to stand in line and then it was about an hour and a half.
It turned out to only be 30 minutes. YEAH. Which was 7 p.m.
It was VERY much worth the wait!!
I can't believe how they can get so much stuff down there. The ride went on and on and on.
There are screens under the water and you see the animation of the Nemo characters acting out being lost in the ocean.
Somewhat like the movie, but different.
You do have to lean forward to look out the portholes to be able to see everything. The seats flip up and down. Derek ended up standing the whole time because he is not big enough to hold the seat down and lean forward to see out the porthole at the same time.

The kids going up the stairs after the ride was over.

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