Monday, September 10, 2007

Win a Baby Sling / pouch

I have lots of baby showers coming up so I entered the contest at

From Dates to Diapers and beyond to win a Baby Pouch or Sling from Rockin' Baby Sling

My favorite is "Sweet Child of Mine" - with the purple & teal. It would be good for a boy or girl and dad or mom to carry. (My favorite Guns N Roses song too!)

I also liked "Sweet Caroline" and "Piece of my Heart". They have different titles on the sling page, but the same fabrics.

I couldn't have survived James without a sling. He wanted to be held & carried constantly. He was my first, so I didn't care. I wasn't letting go of him anyway. He was our precious miracle baby. Well the first one, all 3 are precious miracles & blessings.
I loved grocery shopping with the sling. I had both hands free and he was happily sleeping.
You would usually see me pushing the stroller with him in the sling.
This was early 1997, so slings were a "new" thing - well at least around here, I rarely saw anyone with one.
Now days you see them everywhere. There were 3 moms with slings in Mass yesterday.

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Christine said...

Thanks for entering the Rockin' Baby giveaway! Good luck!