Friday, September 07, 2007

working out the kinks

I've been goofing around all morning trying to figure out how to make my blog look neater.
especially the pictures and the lining up of words in the sidebar. (the ocd tendencies)

Ok all of you blogger bloggers.... how do I get the words lined up nice around the pics?
I tried so hard and worked many hours on the Disney post and then it posted all wonky.
I really can't get the stuff to move the way I want.
I don't' know know many times I went in and out of it posting & re-posting.

I just downloaded firefox a few moments ago, I'm hoping to have better results.
That's the advice I found at "dummies' guide to blogger" - to use firefox.

So far though I don't like the text size and type in the firefox window.... so I've come back to IE.

But I'm working on an old post about our High School Musical 2 party, with lots of pictures and it is frustrating me.

For the kids today is unschooly. Gamecube, tv, playing something upstairs ?, like hotwheels?
and now they are doing sculpey clay sea animals. I'll have lots of pics of that later.


Christine M said...

I don't know how much help I can be - but I do know this much - if you edit in HTML mode you have more control over where the picture goes. Good luck

Esther said...

I agree with Christine.