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Book study: The Egypt Game

The Egypt Game - A book Study

Spelling / Vocab List
1) Sphinx 2) pyramid 3) tomb 4) mummy
5) cataract 6) granite 7) delta 8) oasis
9) nomad 10) drought 11) eternity 12) papyrus
13) hieroglyphics 14) dynasty 15) pharaoh 16) quarry
17) hereditary 18) sluices 19) chariot 20) desert
21) scribes 22) ebony 23) artisan 24) Nile

1) A long period of time during which little or no rain falls. ___________________
2) A succession of rulers from the same family. ___________________
3) A system of pictures used to represent words, ideas or sounds. ___________________
4) A group of people who constantly move from one place to another. ___________________
5) A place in the desert, around a body of water, where food plants can grow. _________________
6) Scholars, sometimes priests, who recorded events, laws and histories. ___________________
7) Massive stone structures used as royal tombs. ___________________
8) A large steep waterfall. ___________________9) A writing material made from the pith of a tall water plant. ___________________
10) A person skilled in some industry or trade, a craftsperson. ___________________
11) Title given to kings of ancient Egypt. ___________________
12) A deposit of earth and sand that collects at the mouth of a river. ___________________
13) A statue of a lions body with the head of a man. ___________________
14) A vault or chamber for the dead. ___________________
15) A place where stone is dug. ___________________
16) A gate which holds back or controls the flow of water. __________________
17) A hard black wood used for ornamental carving. __________________
18) A two wheeled vehicle pulled by horses. __________________
19) Derived from ones parents or ancestors, established by tradition. __________________
20) Time without beginning or end. __________________

1)Copy the following sentences and fill in each blank with the correct word(s):
A) The source of the Nile is located in the __________________.B) Egyptian kings of the ___________________Kingdom were the first to build pyramids for their tombs.C) Egyptian kings in the New Kingdom began to call themselves _____________________.D) The_____________________ were the people who introduced the horsedrawn chariot to the Egyptians.E) Egyptian ___________________ kept records of daily life in Egypt by writing on sheets of paper made of ________________.

2) List the trade goods exchanged between the Egyptians and their trading partners.
3) Using the headings, the Pharaoh, the Taty, the Nomarch and other officials, write a description of their contribution to the government of ancient Egypt.
4) The study of Egypt has been divided into three parts: Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom. Choose 2 events for each time period and explain how each one changed changed Egypt.
5) Explain how Egyptian beliefs are tied to their environment. Think about the powers of their gods, and the Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife to help you write your answer.
6) Tombs like Tutankhamen's help us understand the culture of the ancient Egyptians. The following items were found in Tut's tomb:a) a gameboardb) a trumpet made of copper and brassc) a leopard-skin cloakWhat can each of these objects tell us about the Egyptian way of life?

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