Tuesday, October 16, 2007

cute St. Nicholas site

Advent & Christmas will be here before we know it.

Here is a cute site about St. Nicholas and celebrating his sainthood.


Love the craft projects.
Prayers, scripts, beverages, songs..... lots of stuff.
And the page about the popularity of "Nicholas" as a name and surname around the world.

"How does St. Nicholas fit into all of this? He is an Advent saint because his
December 6th feast day always falls in early Advent (Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas between November 27 and December 3). However, Nicholas is a good Advent saint for more
important reasons than the date of his special day. Whatever he did, and it is
said that he did many kinds of amazing things, what he did may not be as
important as the way he did it. Nicholas became so popular because in his own
life he was such a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. His life always clearly
reflected the way each one of us is called to show God's love to others,
especially those in need."


markinch said...

You may want to check out the main site, www.stnicholascenter.org, as it is more comprehensive and updated regularly. So there are more recipes, more crafts, more of nearly everything.

sbo said...

thank you so much. fosbobetr good Archive