Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fire update... still safe here

THANK YOU for your well wishes and prayers!

It is very hot today. Luckily we still do not have any wind in our neighborhood.
SO the air is very hot and dry and stale. There is an erie orange glow that has been hovering in the sky since Sunday afternoon.
Ash has been falling around here. The air is stuffy and smoky. I've only been out to take trash out and that is uncomfortable. So we are just staying inside.
We are running the A/C once in a while just to circulate some air in the house.

They have announced on the news athat No schools will open through the rest of the week.

So far our home is in a safe zone. We are right in the middle with fires North of us and the growing fire South of us. The fires are moving West toward the ocean. We don't want them to move north or south.
The desert winds, called "Santa Ana" wind is what is fueling the fires with hot, hard wind from the East.

Hopefully the normal wind from the ocean will kick in soon with cool moist air and blow the fires back to where they already burned and go out. But it is not expected until late Wed.

Geoff tried to take a car full of donations we could find around the house.... sunscreen, toothbrushes, plates, cups, utensils, canned foods.
But at the stadium, he could not find a way to get in to make the donation without waiting a very long time in the line that is for the evacuating people. They are still bogged down with people going there to evacuate.
We'll try again later.

My mom's house is along the 15 and right at Lake Hodges.
The MANY houses that burned down in Rancho Bernardo are just on the other side of the freeway 15 from her condo complex.
She is very anxious to get home. But they haven't said that her area is allowed to return.
She passed many homes on fire as she escaped her home and came down Pomerado Road.

Geoff ran up to the grocery store and I had him get the new "Meet the Robinsons" Movie so we are all going to get distracted by that for a while and stay off the news channels.


Esther said...

My cousin in SD emailed me a photo. stay safe Laurie. We will continue to pray for all those in that area.

Leonie said...

Glad to hear you are okay! Hope you liked the movie - we haven't seen it yet...

Jenny in Ca said...

just checking in to see if you are safe, thinking of you yesterday and today. I am glad to hear you are in a safe zone, praying for you and for everyone that has been affected.

I hope to hear that your mom's house is o.k.

In Christ,
Jenny (Home is where...)