Friday, October 12, 2007

I hope it is funny....

so I read so many blogs and the moms post about the cutest, silliest, clever things their kids say. I guess my kids are not so clever?

Until today...... we are driving along and they are playing a game that they say whatever word they can think of (well it started out to be animals, and turned into whatever word). Starting at "a" and going along the alphabet.
I was just listening.
And then I joined in around "O".
We got to "s" and James said surprise.
I said supercede*.
Katie said sunflower seed.

I started laughing so hard that I had tears. They asked what was so funny.
Katie kept saying sunflower seed and how great it was that she said 2 words with "s". Which made me laugh more every time she said sunflower seed again.

Finally I was able to ask if she thought I said super seed. Of course she said yes. I spelled supercede* and defined the word for them giving an example. Then said that's why I was laughing because it was so cute that she thought we were making up seed names.

Well I don't know how funny that is, but I thought it was. Maybe you had to be there.

**Ok I just looked it up in the dictionary and that is the Old world spelling, which is now deemed incorrect spelling. It should be spelled supersede.
Well there you go - a spelling lesson in my blog post for all of us.

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Esther said...

LOL! That is funny :-)
BTW, Joey and I play a similar game.