Monday, October 22, 2007

San Diego County Wildfires..... hunkered down

San Diego County is on fire today.

I was awakened this morning @ 6:50 a.m. with my mother's phone call that she was evacuating her condo complex near Escondido & Rancho Bernardo because of the fire.
She was on her way with very little.... her 2 dogs, medication, dog food & underwear.
She doesn't know what else she was able to throw in her suitcase in 5 minutes.
She finally arrived here around 8:45. The drive ususally takes 30 minutes.

We are staying in the house to keep out of the poor air quality. We have the TV going and switching around to every news channel to keep informed about the evacuations and fires.

It is so sad to see the homes on fire.

So far we are out of danger. However, the winds can change the fire direction at any moment. (We did have to evacuate with the fires of 2003.)

There is the worst corridor of fire North of us.
And as of tonight there is a growing corridor of fire south of us with the new evacuations of Chula Vista.
We live near the Qualcomm stadium, where they are sending evacuees, so hopefully that is a good sign that we may reamin safe.
I have clothes loaded into laundry baskets and photo albums in a box. The file of important papers on the counter ready to go. Won't forget the laptop and cameras.
(The kids all packed their backpacks full of legos and toys first thing this morning as they woke up and I let them know of the danger.)

Over 250,000 people have had to evacuate their homes and many, many homes have already burned down.

Please keep all of San Diego and Southern California in your prayers today, tomorrow and the days to come. Last time we were not able to return to our home for 3 days and the fire never came to our neighborhood. It was a mess of falling debris and ash.
Thank you.

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