Friday, November 02, 2007

Derek's first ride on Flick's High Flying ride.
We got a raisin box. We were hoping for the Chinese food container.
I love this picture.
He looks so happy. He is cold from being wet but excited to go on the ride.
He's not giving me the cheesey.... mom you're taking too many pictures smirk.

Go to Guest Services as soon as you come thru the gate and tell them it is your birthday.
You will get a Happy Birthday pin and the Cast Members will wish you HB all day.
The best was when the parade was going by the characters walking AND on the floats shouted out to the kids wearing pins.

Entering the squirting watermelon. It smells good but I don't remember it squirting so much liquid out.
If you can only have smell-blogging. Imagine fresh baking cookies... oh so yummy smelling as you go thru the tunnel of animal crackers.

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