Friday, November 02, 2007

Derek chooses his first pair of Ears. They light up!
The ears are getting embroidered with Derek's name....... At first he said that the writing wasn't his name. I had to explain that it was in cursive.
Derek shows off his new hat. Katherine got a new purple Tinkerbell sweatshirt. James chose a new ball cap.
I started the whole thing because I wanted a new sweatshirt. I chose a pink hoodie with a zip front and Minnie Mouse. I was hoping for Tink, but I liked pink better than gray.

I was too lazy to walk all of us out to the parking lot to get our sweatshirts out of the car... so we got new ones.
Derek is watching the fireworks finale. We ended up in a great spot - next to the Dumbo ride.
We rode the carousel, did the storybook boat ride and then we were on Casey's train ride at exactly 9:25 when the fireworks were going to start.
We made it off the train ride just as they started the fireworks. We were in-between the Toon town fireworks and the castle's fireworks. Back and forth, back a forth which ones to watch?
It was not a hard decision to watch the young lady (live) Tinkerbell swinging back and forth over the top of the castle. She had light up wings and balls on her slippers. Of course she had a lighted wand.

After the show we were exhausted. The park was open until Midnight, but with a 90 minute drive ahead... it was time to go. We made it home 11:45. I was very tired.

FYI: find an abandoned DL stroller near the Matterhorn and use it to push a sleepy newly 5 year old to the front gate!

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