Thursday, November 01, 2007

Spoon Saints.... Happy All Saint's Day!

Thanks to Alice for the idea for "Spoon Saints"
We tried our hand at it today to celebrate All Saint's Day.

Katherine was working on St. Catherine of Alexandria. My daughter, ever the fashion designer:

Me: "What color do you want her dress?. She was royalty so she may have worn purple."
K: "OK. Purple and pink and light blue. Where is Alexandria?"
"Is it hot there?"
"Ok then I'll design her a tank top dress."

Coming home from Mass, James has the window all the way down. He leans his head out.
"Oh this is cool! No wonder the dog likes it so much!"

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Moni said...

I got linked here from a post on the Seton list.
Great blog. Loved all the pictures :-)