Friday, November 02, 2007

please leave a message.... we are at disneyland today

Derek's Day at Disneyland..... and California Adventure [DCA]. Further celebrating his birthday. No wonder kids don't know when their birthday ends.... it lasts over a week.
Real birthday dinner & gifts with family, birthday party with friends on weekend and after postponing the trip to DL because of the So Cal Fires and Halloween .... We finally made it.

Where he gets his picture taken with his favorites Tow Mater & Lightnin' McQueen.

We spent most of our day at DCA doing things we hadn't done before.
The High School Musical parade and plaza show.

The Aladdin stage show with elaborate costumes, great Genie jokes, an elephant, camels and the magic carpet ride swinging from wires.
The park still has lots of candy corn decorations. But not many Halloween ones. They are already starting to put up Christmas decor.

Here is FLick's Fun Fair where they have tree lights being strung and giant ball ornaments.

We just did the river rafting ride where everyone was soaked, but you can see Derek's back is dripping wet, as were my pants from waist to toe.

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Jenny in Ca said...

looks like a great time! My kids are confused about their birthdays too, it is usually a week from their birthday till the party, lol. My soon to be 8 yr old keeps asking, "when is my birthday?" and "when is my happy birthday?" the latter meaning his party.