Thursday, December 13, 2007

here I sit at the dentist

who would have thought I could sit here in the dentist's office waiting room typing to my blog and reading from my blog reader. i keep forgetting i have a laptop.... it's portable. you never know where you are going to find a wireless feed.

sadly we are at the dentist the second day in a row. since we were here yesterday and today will be a long wait... i brought it to either have the kids watch a dvd or to go thru my emails that piled up over vacation.

i hate the dentist. hate coming, hate the dental work, hate being chided for poor dental care and hate paying.
and nothing like the parental guilt when it is the poor kids being tortured with work and cavities and treatments.

poor derek came in for check up late oct and had 2 cavities and needed lots of work which equals lots of money. but we put it off for a couple weeks and then we were gone on our trip. we're back, so here we are now.

the other two had checkups yesterday. gladly katie's was excellent and unfortunately, james had his first 2 cavities. so when I booked derek's work for today they scheduled in james too.

we had to come an hour beforehand for derek to take a medication to relax him... antihistamine.
he was rolling around the floor and asked, "what's this medicine for?"
"to relax you"
"i'm not relaxing"
"I know, I don't think you are ever relaxed when you are awake."

james went in for his work and came out with praises for being an excellent patient.
then the hour was up for derek (climbing around, playing the video games provided in the waiting room and crawling around on the floor with the truck they gave him for taking his medication so bravely) and he boldly went back with the tech alone... :( didn't need his mommy.

She just came out and reported that this dentist felt derek could have less work done than predicted, but also a couple changes. He was being a great sport. He didn't flinch at the injections at all. poor guy.

well the work was all done. much less than expected.... much less money than expected ... hallelujah!

both boys were promised any meal they wanted.... but they are both numb!
so we are off to pick up katie from grandma and see where we go from there.

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