Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Field Trip.... The Aquarium

In Honor of Leap Day..... we had a fun Friday Field Trip to The Aquarium.
My 3 kids + 2 friends. A RockFish. My flash washed him out but you can see his eyes and his mouth - with lots of tiny dots around it.

A Jellyfish
Derek with a giant lobster and 3 eels
2 different types of Shark egg cases
with 2 shark pups in the tank too (but you can onlysee their spotted tails)

Here is a site with more information about Shark reproduction. Some sharks are oviparous ("egg birth"). Like the egg cases above, the shark lays the eggs and the case is soft. It hardens in a few hours.

Some sharks are ovoviviparous ("egg live birth"), the shell is often just a thin membrane. The egg stays in the utuerus.

Some sharks are viviparous ("live birth"), the yolk stalk that connects the embryo to the yolk grows long in the uterus.

a seahorse.

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