Friday, February 08, 2008

Slacker moms reveal yourselves!

I love the post @ Well Mannered Frivolity: Keepin' it real, bro. I cracked up at the Tom & Jerry classical music reference! Growing up I remember hearing most classical music from Bugs Bunny cartoons! Remember the Elmer Fudd one with the musice from Barber of Seville? (you can google it if you don't remember)

Well if her post is a "slacker mom" checklist, we are doing the same at my house, and I'm a slacker too!

I have to add that we all go to bed when we want to. Some members of the family falling asleep in front of the tv. And we all get up when we want to. Well not the hubby, he does need to arrive at the office at a reasonable hour. As for me.... please do not call my house before 9:30 a.m.!! unless you want D to answer the phone. He is the earlybird around here usually up by 8 a.m. Luckily he knows how to work all the electronic babysitting devices.... tv, dvd, video games and Webkinz. Just this morning he said he couldn't find a "friend" to play a game with. I rolled over and said "That's because it is 8 a.m. and kids are either at school or still sleeping."
How about everyone being in their pajamas all day? I try to get dressed by 11 a.m.

Tons of TV around here. We've been much better about keeping it off during the daytime. But it is usually on during wake up, drag yourself out of bed time & breakfast time. And in the evening there are 2 tvs going as well as the DVR taping something. There are so many shows on my DVR it is almost always over 85% full. Then I just copy them onto a dvd disk to watch later.

Did I mention the Webkiz, all day, everyday? For Video games we have gamecube, 2 DS, 1 gameboy and a Leapster.
Our Field trip last week lasted for 3 days at Disneyland! Hey we took a Youth Education class called Disney's Animation Magic.

We eat fast food almost every day, lunch or dinner. What slacker mom wants to cook? and all those dishes, gag... We have already decided on Pizza for dinner... cheese for Friday.
Hubby invited us downtown to his office building deli for lunch, but it is Friday and we dont' eat meat and the kids only each chicken nuggets. So we took a pass. Besides we are still in our pajamas and today is Park Day with a huge group of Catholic homeschool familes. Our Valentine's party next week has 25 families and 92 kids. (See we do leave the house) And we have a trampoline and just put in the pool for exercise. Oh and I just got a treadmill for my birthday :)

I love reading blogs and fun stuff on the internet! Did I mention I play the kids' webkinz too.. I answer the quiz questions to earn them Kinzcash "money"!

I hope all the closet Slacker Moms Have an AWESOME day! Leave a comment and reveal yourself!!

I want to live like everyday is Saturday!!


WellManneredFrivolity said...

We slacker moms should unite and take over the world. Oh wait, that would take to much effort.

Leonie said...

I guess I am a kinda slacker mum - we have less rules and more just hanging out together than most of our other friends :-)

Mrs. T said...

Same here. Well, we don't have a tv, and I do cook (mostly), but otherwise . . . bedtime? You mean, like, a time when people go to bed, like clockwork every night? Nope. Wakeup time? Um . . . Routine? Well, certain children of mine have THEIR routines, and I affirm them in their routiney-ness . . .

Yeah, slacker mom . . . I guess that would be me a lot.

Rachel said...

Slacker mom and proud of it!
We are just too 'busy' slacking around here to get anything 'real' done.


Rachel said...

I forgot to mention that I answer the questions on Webkinz to earn cash for Autumn, too! That is hysterical!

Oh, and our kids don't like to go to bed alone, except for the 18 year old, so they fall asleep in front of the set too.

I'm sure someone out there thinks I'm gonna burn for this.


sea glass hearts..... Laurie said...

Thanks for our comments and visiting my blog.
I've been visiting yours for the past couple weeks too. I'm not a good commenter!
I love the song "should I stay or should I go" too

I liked your HS rant. I read it the day we got home from Park Day and luckily for us, too bad you don't live around here, but the kids Just Play! The moms stand around and talk. This time we did walk around the park a couple times for some exercise.

In my post, I didn't even mention that we sleep WITH our kids. Not only do they fall asleep in front of the tv, but we all sleep together! See I couldn't post it so I didn't get the "burning" comments.... I'm so ruining my kids! Peace!!

Rachel said...

We are co-sleepers too! We just have Autumn left with us now. She will be 8 this Monday and is showing no signs of being interested in leaving. The boys left when they were each around 6 years old.

Andrew is now 18 and he is pretty darn cool. So, my attachment/slacker mothering must have worked. :-)